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Festival Season:

February 2024





Brett Eric Hoffman


Stephanie Ann Hoffman

Run Time:


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Awarded Category(s)

“What does a woman battling brain cancer, a surfer from Liberia, Africa with unthinkable grief and an amputee mentoring a group of lost teenage boys and a young woman with cerebral palsy all use as their non-traditional healing medicine?” The Ocean!

Submitter Statement

Thank you for considering our film as a grant recipient.

Brett Hoffman is the founder and owner of Nautilus Studios. His brand focuses on creating meaningful stories, whether that be an advertisement or a full-force documentary, like Saltwaterx. Brett has over 8 years of professional experience working on various projects and wearing many hats in productions. Brett has directed and edited many short films and produced a season of a television show available on YouTube. Brett takes his diverse skillset to a new level with Saltwaterx, dedicating years of his life as an underwater cinematographer, giving future audiences of this documentary a beautiful insight into the wonders of the ocean.

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