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Award Winner

Festival Season:

February 2024

Tip Jar Memories

Tip Jar Memories



Christine E. Whitten
Andrew E. Granston


Christine E. Whitten

Run Time:


Awarded for the following Category(s):

Awarded Category(s)

Music Video. A song about a man remembering his twice-lost love, in Washington, D.C.

Submitter Statement

The director, Christine Whitten M.D., is a retired anesthesiologist and reborn artist. She worked at a major medical institute for decades, and has been on volunteer medical missions, many with Project Smile, to Kenya, Thailand, and Vietnam. Now, she has time to devote to astrophotography and filmmaking. The music video Tip Jar Memories is Dr. Whitten's second film. Her first film, Ukraine, Ukraine (Half The World Away), is a music video protesting the invasion of Ukraine by Russia. In 2023, it was awarded Best Music Video at the Golden State Film Festival, the Moondance International Film Festival, and the Oregon Short Film Festival.

Key Cast

Other Credits

Musicians: Andrew E. Granston, Wes Lunsford, Natalie Joly
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