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February 2024

Remember Me

Remember Me



Lauren P. Tyree
Lauren P. Tyree


Ty Tyree

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Awarded Category(s)

Documentary about a student led service trip to the Dominican Republic. Francesca and Esperanza remind us of the power of human connection. (Music license documentation available upon request)

Submitter Statement

I am honored to share the transformative experience of serving in the Dominican Republic through this film. This project was truly a team effort and I am so blessed to get to work along side such beautifully selfless classmates.
Lauren’s accolades include 2-time Eagle Scout of the Year from the Philadelphia and Pennsylvania chapters of the Sons of the American Revolution, 5-time recipient of the President’s Volunteer Service Award for over 4,000 hours of volunteering, the William F. McGuire award for outstanding leadership at PA State Police leadership camp, Streaming for Good award for helping raise over $600k by volunteering with a professional production crew, Extra Mile Award for volunteering to run sound for 16 consecutive 5k events for Girls on the Run, National Gold Key award for creative writing, Jefferson Award for exemplary community impact, honorable mention for the Gloria Barron prize for young heroes, 2-time All Academic Team for AAU National Volleyball, trainer at Scouts BSA National Leadership Academy, the Silver Buckle award for demonstrating the most Scout spirit at summer camp, and founder or co-founder of 3 non-profits including one that is the charter for the Scout troop in which she is still an active member. What is even more impressive is that she is only in 10th grade. Passionate volunteer, conscientious civic leader, dedicated student, and lover of all things fluffy, Lauren’s journey motivates others to get involved. Lauren started making films when, after Covid restrictions were lifted and everyone said we could get back to normal, Lauren didn't feel normal. And she noticed that her friends didn't feel normal either. She started telling the stories of her service work through film to help encourage her classmates to break through post-covid loneliness by serving others. Lauren's work is spreading a contagious message of hope at a time when the pressures on our mental health are increasingly daunting. Together, Lauren and her volunteers are battling loneliness in the Dominican Republic and right here in our own backyard.

Key Cast

Lauren P. Tyree, Hugo Iglesias, Charlie Shellman, Brianna Nichols, Atasha Belen, Logan Foraker, Zachary Burns, Quinn Catts, Francesca & Esperanza, Madiella Keefer, Gerald Bido

Other Credits

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