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February 2024

Meet The Earthlings: How to Dine on Earth, Part 1

Meet The Earthlings: How to Dine on Earth, Part 1




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Llaurent Lichtensztajn
Llaurent Lichtensztajn
Llaurent Lichtensztajn

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Ultimate Travel Guide for Incognito Aliens: Unearth the Hidden Gems of Earth on Your Secret Vacation!

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Submitter Statement

Laurent Lichtenstein has been passionate about astrophysics and earth sciences since he was young, and studied geology at the Pierre and Marie Curie University in Paris. Concurrently, he began working as an editor for the news broadcast of the main French channel (TF1). He then played a key role in the development of cable television by directing the first daily cultural live show on a channel that would become one of the biggest successes of cable TV (Paris Première). From the pool of young talents collaborating on this cultural show, the documentary production company Bonne Pioche would emerge. While continuing to direct live shows, Laurent returned to his first love: the sciences. A few years later, one of Laurent's documentary series projects was selected by one of the French national channels (F5), giving him the opportunity to start a weekly 90-minute prime time slot dedicated to travel and discovery. The adventure of 'Échappées Belles' began and was a success, as the series still exists 15 years later, with the channel's best ratings every Saturday at 8:30 pm. Laurent continues to write and direct documentaries that combine his two passions: science and travel. He has notably directed 9 documentaries in the past five years for the prime-time science slot of the national channel F5 (equivalent of PBS). His approach is to make the audience experience 'The Joy of Science' and to contribute to spreading simple concepts that provide keys to understanding the world around us. But above all, he seeks to tell beautiful stories and introduce positive humans, driven by their quests for knowledge. In his documentaries, he also aims to raise viewers' awareness about preserving our common spaceship: Earth, for instance, with 'Is Earth Unique?'. His next documentary for channel F5, which tells the epic story of the Hubble Space Telescope in the style of a biopic, has won several awards including the Grand Prix at the Luchon festival and the Grand Prix at the Paris science documentary festival, Pariscience. Laurent is currently developing several ambitious projects about the distant future of Earth, and the return of humans to the Moon as part of the Artemis project...

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