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Festival Season:

February 2024

Love Ways

Love Ways




Run Time:

Abraham Lopez
Abraham Lopez
Abraham Lopez

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When Joe and Sam's cool and sporty childhood friend re-enters their lives, they both find themselves unexpectedly falling for her despite their long time friendship to each other, but Hailey is harboring secrets that could cause both of their lives to dramatically change forever.

Submitter Statement

Love Ways is a very deep and emotional story of actual experiences that I've had in my life that I wish to share with the audience
Abraham Lopez is a Latin director, writer, producer, and cinematographer born and raised in Southern California. He is passionate about telling relatable stories based off of real life situations, people, and events through the art of film making. Abraham has completed many short films, music videos, commercials, and PSAs over the years and he recently completed a 10 episode coming of age drama series.

Key Cast

Hannah Tullett, Manny Elhilu, Francesca Rowe, Rob Shiells

Other Credits

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