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February 2024

Two Horizons

Two Horizons



Carlos Andres Reyes
Carlos Andres Reyes


Angélica Nieves

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Awarded Category(s)

On opposite sides of two mountains, separated by a deep ravine, two neighborhoods flourish. In each corner, a boy and a girl yearn to bond, but an unbridgeable chasm prevents them from connecting. The boy, in a gesture of hope, tries to lift a kite that hurtles across to the other side, where the young girl resides, only to become entangled in the suspended electrical grids. 

As the years progress, the children, now adults, continue their separate lives. However, the young man, now imbued with ingenuity, rediscovers the ancient kite string. With determination, he communicates with his former friend, now a renowned engineer. Together, they devise a daring venture: to employ the old string to establish a means of communication. 

With each thread exchanged across the ravine, the connection is strengthened. The thin strands become sturdy cables, and a bridge is born of their shared ingenuity. This bridge not only links the two childhood friends, but also their respective communities. As inventions flow and intertwine, once isolated neighborhoods reap the rewards of collaboration, ushering in a future full of possibilities.

Submitter Statement

The first bridge over Niagara Falls completed in 1848 began with a kite. Theodore G. Hulett, supervisor of that work, had the idea of holding a kite contest whose objective was to fly a kite from one bank to the other without breaking the string. Just one day after the contest started, a young man named Homan Walsh flew a kite from the Canadian shore to the other side, in the USA. 

Quickly, the rope was attached and the line was used to move to heavier ropes on the other side. After this, a cable returned from the Canadian side dragging a light catenary, which was the beginning of the bridge that served to communicate two countries. 

This served as inspiration for this story located in Bogota Colombia, in which a kite unites two children and then, thanks to its rope, two neighborhoods so that together, through civil works and technology, they build a bridge that will bring a better future.

Award winning filmmaker, screenwriter, animator and producer with 20 years of industry experience making short films (over 100), documentaries, web series and commercials (over 200). Throughout his career of filmmaking, he has collaborated with many companies in the fields of animation, life action, non fiction and corporative projects. In many ways, his approach on One Minute films solidified his process of cinematic narrative, this initiated the creation of new storytelling processes, which enabled new ways of approaching micro narratives and the relationships between story and time. Carlos also worked as a professor, which gave him the opportunity to deepen his cinematic understanding by teaching using his filmmaking experience. IG, TW, YT: @carlosarfilm

Key Cast

Pepe Camara

Other Credits

Cinematography, Editing & VFX: Jesus Madev

Production Designer, Make up & Costumes: Lucia Rufini Adet

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