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February 2024

No Decision

No Decision



Hyunjin Lee
Hyunjin Lee


Hyunjin Lee

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"No Decision" centers on Chi In-jin, a former world champion boxer who abandons his title and embarks on a new journey in the Japanese K-1 martial arts league, seeking refuge from the corruption of the Korean boxing scene. His departure sparks a bitter conflict with his master, who had made him a world champion. After many years, he wants to revisit and heal his long-overdue beef with his father-like master.

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Submitter Statement

Lee Hyunjin is a fresh LA filmmaker who expresses her vision through personal and character-driven storytelling. Her story catches diverse topics around social realism, minorities, and family which brings empathy and humanity to the audience. She studied documentary and media production in Seoul, Korea, and spent her career in Hong Kong, naturally creating her way of describing city life. She studies MFA filmmaking at New York Film Academy, working on her feature film. In 2022, her short film was nominated at ‘Women’s Film Festival(USA)’, Semi-finalist at ‘Flickers' Rhode Island International Film Festival(USA)’, and won ‘Best Performance’ at ‘Toronto LGBTQ+ Film Festival(Canada)’.

Key Cast

Kim JinGil, Chi InJin

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