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February 2024

God’s Plan

God’s Plan



William Preising
William Preising


William Preising

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The inspiring story of the founding and construction of a medical clinic in Higueronal Panama which provides not only health care but Bibles and spiritual health to the surrounding communities! The 20 year journey from concept to opening involved many people and organizations including Jason Moore, Larry Brady, Mission Clinics International, Royal Oak Church of Christ, and Ruben Leon!

Submitter Statement

As a fourth-generation photographer & videographer, William is committed to helping his clients achieve the highest quality real estate photo and video combined with high-tech digital marketing tools, offering the ultimate real estate advertising for sellers. William has survival, navigation and bushcraft training experience through The Pathfinder School and is an avid outdoorsman – both of which are an added value to his real estate business. Buyers and sellers alike will benefit from his capability to guide them on the best use and value of recreational, hunting, residential, commercial and investment properties. His expertise and devotion to all he does makes him an excellent agent to represent someone considering their next move in today’s real estate market. William grew up on a large cattle ranch located in the Amazon rainforest working in and around the ranch industry, which is how he learned the importance of hard work. His lifelong appreciation for the great outdoors has only grown over time, even during his career prior to real estate. Growing up in the Amazon rainforest, William often visited the native Indian tribes, learning primitive fire, shelter, including hunting and fishing skills to capture great “monsters” on land or in water. In order to learn the English language, William moved to Lancaster, a city in northern Los Angeles County, in the Antelope Valley of the western Mojave Desert in Southern California. There, William lived for more than one year with an outstanding host-family, who still spend the holidays together. During his exchange student program, he was able to take movie production classes in high school, sharpening his filmmaking skills. A few years later, William moved to San Martin de Los Andes, a town in northwest Patagonia, Argentina. For almost two years, along with creating short video promos and taking photos for local hotels and bed and breakfast businesses, and, of course, exploring the great Patagonia region, William was able to become fluent in the Spanish language. William spent more than a decade working in the photography, videography and advertising industry focusing heavily on organizational growth. In 2010, William decided to continue the family photography and videography business that has been thriving since 1912. He’s a FAA-Certified Drone Pilot, obtaining his Pilot Certification, Administrator Certification, and industry-specific Analyst Certifications through the DroneDeploy Academy. During those years, he developed an expertise in sales, professional leadership, filmmaking, mapping and high-tech digital marketing skills, which he will also leverage to help his real estate clients. William is friendly, highly driven, and has a track record of going the extra mile for his clients. He lives in Westby with his wife and two children. When he’s not pushing himself professionally, you can find Will enjoying time with his family, exploring the Driftless Region, practicing FPV drones in the outdoors, or fishing somewhere in Wisconsin.

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