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Award Winner

Festival Season:

February 2024

Cat Chaser

Cat Chaser




Run Time:

SiJia Zheng
SiJia Zheng
SiJia Zheng

Awarded for the following Category(s):

Awarded Category(s)

A little boy accidentally spots a cat fishing in the sky, but his parents don't believe him, so he wants to prove that what he says is true and is willing to spend everything he has to search for it, including his whole life.

Submitter Statement

SiJia is an artist who loves life, animation and art. He has been involved in the arts since high school, studying painting, animation and storyboarding. Has 12 years of experience in art creation. And received a bachelor's degree from Academy of Art University in 2020. In his art work experience, he has participated in many projects, including short film storyboards, commercial storyboards, character design, concept design, album cover design, and poster design for Chinese celebrities such as Walkingdead, Mai, and KeyNG. In 2021, SiJia founded SiJiaDoudou Studio and SiJiaDoudou Company. The company not only focuses on art design, but also focuses on the research and development of cultural products, such as paper models, board games, etc. Currently, SiJia is studying Expanded Animation Research + Practice (XA) at the University of Southern California. And learn and use various AI tools to create new AI workflows to make your works richer and your work more efficient. SiJia is still working hard to become an excellent director.

Key Cast

SiJia Zheng

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