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Award Winner

Festival Season:

February 2024

AI vs Deep State

AI vs Deep State



Katalin Weith
Duncan Shelley, Ádám Rozgonyi


Katalin Weith

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Awarded Category(s)

Julius Andan served the deep state as a professional liar for 25 years. After realizing that the world has fallen into such a bad state that the invisible power can no longer maintain it, he decides to expose everything to the public. The first superintelligence, Sarah, is created in the CIA's AI research center. Andan and Sarah will be partners in the fight.

Submitter Statement

Through my film works, I would like to show the audience that together we can create a better world.
Her career as film producer started in 2010, since then she works on several movies as independent producer. In 2012 she completed the filmmaking course of the New York Film Academy in Los Angeles. In 2019 she obtained a Master’s degree in Filmmaking from the ELTE Faculty of Film Studies. The first film she produced was the war drama Dear Elsa. As an executive of Branding Publisher and Manager Office Ltd, besides film production, she also deals with book publishing. The AI vs Deep State movie is an adaption of Duncan Shelley's book, which is the last short film of her portfolio.

Key Cast

Géza Bodor, Lívia Hábermann

Other Credits

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