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February 2024

Tondo: The Forgotten People of Manila

Tondo: The Forgotten People of Manila



Madison Uy Wuu
Madison Uy Wuu


Madison Uy Wuu

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American high school student Madison Wuu travels back to Manila, Philippines where she lived almost 10 years of her life to document and tell the stories of individual residents of Happyland and Smokey Mountain. Both areas are within Tondo which is located in Metropolitan Manila and considered two of the poorest areas within the entire Philippines and all of Southeast Asia.

From squatters to homeless children, Madison examines the daily lives of those who all live with very little and in extreme poverty. Recycled food from the trash is even depicted from the collection process all the way to selling as hot food to local residents. Additionally, the daily lives of recycled trash collectors, garlic peelers, junk shop owners and those with still no job are documented and brought to life. Although their lives are challenging, one can respect and relish the positive energy, persistence, and smiles coming from the Philippine people throughout this documentary; no matter what hardships they encounter.

Come join and examine the true lives of those from Tondo: The Forgotten People of Manila.

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Madison Uy Wuu

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