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Award Winner

Festival Season:

January 2024

Where Are You

Where Are You



Guohao Li
Guohao Li


Guohao Li

Run Time:


Awarded for the following Category(s):

Awarded Category(s)

A girl encounters a series of strange and terrifying incidents in her home at night, as if something horrifying has intruded, always elusive and inescapable


Submitter Statement

Hi this is the first time for me as a director. And this is the first drama film I made. Hope you enjoy!

Guohao Li was born in August 9, 2003 in China. Now he studies and lives in New York City. He is a second year undergraduate of The Newschool’s Mannes School of Music. He majors in Music Composition. At the same time, he minors in Film Production in Media Studies of The Newschool. His first film 《Where Are You 》has won the prizes in New York City and Paris.

Key Cast

Phoebe Yuan, Anh Nguyen

Other Credits

Crew: Fangyi Zhou, Nanxing Zheng, Daniel Meng, Larry Lin
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