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Award Winner

Festival Season:

January 2024

Fatih the Conqueror

Fatih the Conqueror



Onur Yagiz
Onur Yagiz


Pierre-Louis Garnon

Run Time:


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Awarded Category(s)

This Saturday is a Turkish wedding day at Espace Venise (France). Huddled in a car in the parling lot, Fatih, 21, wants to get married. He has set his sights on Ipek, Recep’s sister. But neither Murat, his best friend, nor Recep, nor even Ipek are aware of this yet.

Submitter Statement

DIRECTOR’S FILMOGRAPHY FATIH THE CONQUEROR (15’, 1.85, Color, BAXTER Films, 2023) TOPRAK (11’, 1.33, Black and White, Les Films VELVET, 2017) PATIKA (23’, 2.35, Color, Les films VELVET, 2013)
DIRECTOR’S BIOGRAPHY Onur Yagiz (1986) was born in France to Turkish parents. He studied literature, theatre and film at the Sorbonne-Nouvelle University, before directing "Patika" (2013) and "Toprak" (2017). Fatih the Conqueror is his third film.

Key Cast

Thomas Curel, Emre Öcal, Umut Köker, Redouanne Harjane, Céline Elhan Günes, Emin Tunç

Other Credits

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