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January 2024

Of Gods & Pens

Of Gods & Pens



Mark Foscolo, Pete Sussi
Mark Foscolo, TJ Foscolo, Pete Sussi


Mark Foscolo, Pete Sussi, Dolores Arico

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In the depths of despair, once-celebrated author Ethan Howley faces the harsh reality of two lost decades without a hit novel, haunted by alcoholism, depression, and a fractured family. After receiving crushing news of his latest book's cancellation, Ethan contemplates the end, having been pushed to the brink of financial ruin. In a dark moment of desperation, he decides to use the legendary pen of author Chester Stone, his most prized possession, to write his own farewell. It's during this chilling act that Ethan accidentally uncovers a secret, the pen can magically write on its own.

Submitter Statement

This film was written, shot and edited by a small team of dedicated professional artists as a proof of concept. Our goal is to create our own original films and provide a full suite of production services for others looking to do the same.
Mark Foscolo, born and raised on Long Island, embarked on a diverse artistic journey that led him from Sacred Heart University to California. There, as a key member of Sideshow Collectibles' media team, he contributed to shooting and editing interviews with industry icons such as Stan Lee and Guillermo del Toro, gaining valuable experience in the entertainment realm. Returning to Long Island, Mark joined Pete Sussi's Mirage Makers at Cameron Advertising, a division focused on video creation for corporate clients. Their collaboration paved the way for the inception of Platinum Platypus, a visual effects powerhouse with credits in notable films like Category 5, Bone Tomahawk, The Fundamentals of Caring, and White Boy Rick. Mark's filmmaking journey reached new heights with the success of the short film "The Pig," earning 6 official selections in festivals last year. Now, Mark and Pete are back with another short film, "Of Gods & Pens," which follows the journey of Ethan Howley, a washed up author on the brink of financial ruin after his latest book has been canceled by his publishing agency. Things take a dark turn when Ethan, while writing his final fairewell with the pen of the legendary author Chester Stone, discovers the pen can mysteriously write on its own. As Mark and his team embark on their next venture—developing and shooting a feature film—the narrative of his career unfolds as a testament to a relentless pursuit of creativity and storytelling mastery.

Key Cast

Joseph Masi, Leyla A, CK Fernandez

Other Credits

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