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January 2024

Into the Sunset

Into the Sunset



Patricia Shanae Smith
Patricia Shanae Smith


Rimes Rutledge, Matthew Shanahan

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In post-World War II Middle Tennessee, 'Into the Sunset' chronicles the forbidden love between Millie, a white aspiring actress, and EJ, a Black returning soldier with dreams of becoming a lawyer. Set against the backdrop of 1947, their love defies societal norms and parental opposition, propelling them towards an uncertain future.

Submitter Statement

Being a black woman in film, I'm all about trying to break barriers. It's not just about telling black stories for me; it's about authentic representation in every narrative. My passion lies in showcasing the strength of the human spirit through troubled young women overcoming personal obstacles like I personally have. I see storytelling as a bridge—connecting people, fostering understanding, and amplifying voices that need to be heard. As cliche as all that sounds, it's true.
I'm Patricia, a recent Belmont University grad with a BFA in Motion Pictures. My journey took off with Polis Books publishing my debut novel, "Remember," back in 2019. Beyond the pages, I've delved into filmmaking, directing two shorts during my time at school. I plan to continue to share my love for storytelling through writing and directing.

Key Cast

Katherine Carter, Cameron Lewis

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