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Award Winner

Festival Season:

January 2024

Not Alone

Not Alone




Run Time:

Tommy Duncan
Tommy Duncan
Tommy Duncan, Jessica Cleaver, Kelly Jara

Awarded for the following Category(s):

Awarded Category(s)

Jordan Lally is a singer/song writer living the life of a touring musician, whose band "The Big Infinite" is gaining momentum and acclaim, when it all comes crashing down in an instant when personal tragedy strikes. Forcing him to look at not just life through a new lens, but himself as well.

Submitter Statement

I want to create stories that make a difference, laced with meaning, and illicit questions that lead to self discovery, in such a universal way that anyone can relate to it.
I’m a Director from Baltimore, MD. I believe the only shortcut is through hard work. My goal as a filmmaker is to touch upon universal truths, through a balance of emotional content and aesthetically pleasing visuals. With a diverse background in cinema, and an affinity for human nature, my passion is to create compelling stories that evoke self-realizations within the audience, connecting to the world around them.

Key Cast

Jordan Lally

Other Credits

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