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January 2024

The Pain of Being

The Pain of Being



Jes Pace
Jes Pace


Fish Wish Productions

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An old man, a fervent catholic and a devoted husband, tries hard to make his dementia ridden wife remember him, at least by calling his name one more time.

Submitter Statement

This short film tries to project the suffering, fragility and the unplanned turning points of individuals when they are hit with dementia - moving the individual forward into a complete unique world and an uncertain future.
Jes Pace is a passionate writer for the screen and stage. He studied story telling and development with various leading international story educators and consultants, including the legendary Robert McKee. Jes holds a Master of Arts in Writing for the Screen & Stage (Regents University of London) and Master of Arts in Film Studies (University of Malta), among others. His preferred themes relate to current social issues which effect humanity in general.

Key Cast

Narcy Calamatta, Marilu Coppini, Mia Agius

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