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January 2024

Finding Dan

Finding Dan



Abraham Lopez
Abraham Lopez


Abraham Lopez

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Two socially awkward young adults set out to overcome their social anxieties and hopefully find true love with the help of their friends

Submitter Statement

This film is based off someone I know who has social anxieties and difficulties talking to people. He is finally starting to break out of his shell and I hope this film inspires others going through similar challenges to break out of there shells as well and overcome their fears.
Abraham Lopez is a multi-award winning director, writer, and producer from the San Fernando Valley. Abraham has worked on many professional projects from short films, to music videos, to commercials, and is best known for his 8 proof of concepts which he wrote, directed, and produced. These proof of concepts which include The Betrayal, Life Like This, ED: A Love Story, Hidden Lives, A Knock, Love Ways, Under, and A Musical Box have accumulated a total of 500+ awards from film festivals around the world including California Indies, LA Indies Awards, and Cannes Short Film Festival. Abraham is also the writer, director, and producer, of the 10 episode coming of age series "Pathways" and has collaborated with Matthew Knowles (Music World Entertainment) and Eleanor Earl (E.L. Earl Entertainment) on a national PSA. Abraham is the owner of the film production company A Greek God Entertainment and is also a talent manager, cinematographer, editor, and colorist. Abraham Lopez, being of Spanish race, is native to the San Fernando Valley and was raised in Santa Clarita. He graduated from Hart High School in Newhall and played football throughout his teenage years. He then went on to study at Colombia College Hollywood where he graduated with a BA. Abraham has always been a go-getter and team player. He is extremely hard working, dedicated, and passionate about what he does.

Key Cast

Manny Elhilu, Deborah Shirley, Rob Shiells, Francesca Rowe, Dominic St Clair, Natalie Moore, Kenzie Phillips, Hope Nevins, Esmee Ko, Jason Hildago

Other Credits

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