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January 2024

The Reflection of the Cranes

The Reflection of the Cranes



Juan Ballesteros
Juan Ballesteros


Johanny Barreto

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Awarded Category(s)

Lucia, a 45-year-old woman, leads a routine life in her roadside inn, when one day Amelia, a young traveler trying to find part of her past in some local waterfalls, shows up at her reception. When an immediate attraction arises between them, the insecurities of one and the fears of the other will hinder the contact between them. It is only through a game of reflexes that one will be able to approach the vulnerabilities of the other.

Submitter Statement

For a few years I have established, as one of the goals of my life, to explore the widest possible variety of uses of images. I believe that the images have the possibility of establishing a more direct and sincere connection between that process of deconstruction that encompasses our way of perceiving reality and the reconstruction of that accumulation of sensations and feelings that we make with language. I believe that not only does it allow us to notice how personal and unrepeatable the experience of telling something is, but it also makes it possible to create new places (whether they are temporal, spatial or sentimental).
My name is Juan Ballesteros. I’m from Mérida, Venezuela. I study Cinema in ULA.

Key Cast

Mercedes López, Oriana Rodríguez

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