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January 2024

The Esteemed Priority

The Esteemed Priority



Al Bohl
Al Bohl


Al Bohl

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Awarded Category(s)

The Esteemed Priority is a short, animated film using silhouette puppets on a journey that shows the true meaning of love. 


The Esteemed Priority is a short stop motion animated film using silhouettes paper cut puppets in the classic tradition of the filmmaker Lotte Reiniger. It’s a story as old as time but just as timely. In today’s world where the chaos of hate, prejudice, and racism is everywhere we ask the questions, “what is love? Is what we call love, really love? How do you know? Is there a means to measure or determine if we truly love something or someone?” Yes, there is a way, and this makes love – the priority of highest esteem. A man went on a journey….

Submitter Statement

I am now retired, and I am making animated films by myself because I love storytelling. I produced, wrote, directed, animated, and edited the entire film using my own money. As a graphic artist I already had the computer, software, and vinyl cutter. From my days as an animation instructor, I had all I needed to do stop motion animation. My grandchildren and a little boy from my neighborhood animated a few little scenes with me. Of all the types of animation I taught, the silhouette paper cut out puppet filmmaking has become my favorite. Lotte Reiniger created this type of animation and her film Prince Achmed for 1926 is still a wonderful film. In a way, I’m one of a few carrying on her legacy. 

If you would like I could possibly attend your festival and teach an animation workshop or set up somewhere and let attendees learn by doing. I’ve taught many classes and have demonstrated at some film festivals. I would only require travel, lodging, meals, and a stipend of your choice.

These are the festivals where my film has been selected as of February 1, 2024:

Cannes World Film Festival – Finalist
Cannes World Film Festival – Nominee
Touchstone Independent Film Festival – Official Selection
Palm Beach Shorts – Semi-finalist
Los Angeles Short Film Award - Official Selection
Edinburgh Film Awards – Semi-Finalist
Rome International Short Festival – Semi-Finalist
Paris International Short Festival – Semi-Finalist
Film In Focus – Bucharest, Romania - Official Selection
Independent Shorts Award – Award Winner
Berlin Shorts Award - Award Winner
Indie Short Festival – Awa
The Art of Movie Making Film Festival - Official Selection
Religion Faith International Film Festival - Official Selection
Nieves International Christian Film Festival – Nominee
Global Film Exhibition - Official Selection
Christian Film Festival – Award Winner
Bucharest ShortCut CineFest - Official Selection
Boomtown Film and Music Festival – Award Winner
Christian Worldview Film Festival - Official Selection
Melbourne Independent Film Festival - Semi-Finalist
Touchstone Independent Film Festival - Award Winner
Branson International Film Festival - Official Selection
Atlanta Movie Awards - Semi-Finalist
Hawaii International Film Festival - Semi-Finalist
Long Story Shorts Film Festival-Bucharest, Romania -Semi-Finalist
Los Angeles Short Film Festival - Official Selection
Phoenix Film Festival - Official Selection

For 50 years Al Bohl has worked as a professional artist, author, musician, and filmmaker. He’s authored twelve and illustrated at least fifty books and many covers and illustrations for magazines. Along with his daughter Allison, he made the feature length documentary “Tarzan: Lord of the Louisiana Jungle” and the re-edit of the 1918 silent film classic “Tarzan of the Apes.” He created and taught the Gen4 Animation Course in Bossier Parish public schools through the Talented Arts Program for eight years. He recently released five books. Three books of his Zaanan character, a children’s book called “Bubbles Up!”, and an illustrated chapter book for elementary school age children entitled “Tales from the Bayou.” His newest film is a stop motion animated project using silhouette puppets named “The Esteemed Priority.” Currently, Al is working on three new book titles and a new animated film called “A Sure Footing”

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