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Award Winner

Festival Season:

October 2023

Shadow under the Bed

Shadow under the Bed




Run Time:

Xiang-Yu XIE

Awarded for the following Category(s):

Awarded Category(s)

Waiting for father coming home, Xiaopi was attacked by a monster late at night and escaped from the house. A child that dares not sleep in bed, a father at his lowest, and a monster that should only exist on game cards. Is it a dream, an illusion, or reality?

Submitter Statement

《The Get up Kid》2008/Taiwan/Color/16mm/17mins--Director of Photography

《MILK MAN》2009/Taiwan/Color/16mm/18mins--Director of Photography

《Arnie》2016/Taiwan、Philippines/Color/DCP/24mins—1st Assistant Director

《Shadow Under the Bed》2022/Taiwan/Color/DCP/20mins—Director

Yu-Le’s graduation cinematography works in NTUA, 《The Get up Kid》and《Milk Man》 won Golden Harvest Awards. His feature film scripts Shadow under the Bed was selected for the Excellent Screenplay Awards. His series scripts Born to Love was selected by the PTS Drama Incubation Plan.

Key Cast

Wachin Tanah, Ta SU (Best Young Actor)

Other Credits

VFX Supervisor: ArChin Yen; Original Score: Chia-En HSIEH; Supervising Sound Editor: Book Chien
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