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October 2023





Michael Heaton
Michael Heaton


R. Aiden Marsden, Michael Heaton

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Set in an alternate 1950s where humans can be grown from seeds, a lonely woman reluctantly grows herself a brand new husband with hopes that he's the "perfect" one.

Submitter Statement

The idea of Perfection is an interesting one to me because it takes up many shapes and forms. Perfection for one person doesn't mean perfection for another, but in today's society, it sure feels like we use a criteria that deems nearly everyone imperfect and not in a good way. We are surrounded by the judgement. With the help of dating apps, cellphones and other amazing technology, we have the ability to swipe on each other, to go on dates, and to quickly move on when we find out someone puts chocolate milk in their Kraft Dinner!

 Three years ago, this film was written out of sheer annoyance for yet another failed attempt at dating and, over the years, grew into something that not only dealt with our individual perception of Perfection, but also how society can influence it. Not only have I noticed my own desire for the absolute best (in comparison to others), I feel like most people now walk around with that attitude instead of looking within and figuring out what our specific needs and desires really are. This leads to artificial (and usually physical) relationships that have no substance to them. Getting to know our summer flings or winter cuffing partners can be a scary process because it means learning the intricate details that makes the person human and unique. More often than not one wrong detail can end what once was a burning love, thanks to our ability to quickly move on.

 I hope you enjoy this film as much as Aiden and I do. It is the first time we have made a film with a genuine theme that we care about. With that, we feel it is even more worthwhile to take our chances on festivals. We hope that we can have as many people see this film as possible because, although it's not Perfect, we sure love it all the same!

Michael was born March 10, 1995 in Calgary Alberta. While obsessed with film from an early age, he devoted most of his life to playing sports, particularly baseball, which took him all around North America. Michael played two years in Spokane Washington, before transferring to UBC to finish his college baseball career. 

After a shoulder injury helped end his career, Michael felt lost. It was in 2017 when he decided to enroll into Film Production at Vancouver Film School, there he would meet future collaborator and film partner Aiden Marsden.

 After graduating from VFS, he finished his History degree at UBC as he looked for work. Michael works part time (having a year of full time experience under his belt) as a lamp op in the industry. He is currently dedicating his time to developing new projects and improving his writing, with hopes of one day selling a script and making a feature.

Key Cast

Austin Trapp - Best Actor

Samantha Clarke - Best Actress

Alejandra Chavarria - Best Supporting Actress

Gavin Marck - Best Supporting Actor

Ciarra Mandel, Todd Hann, Marcel Heim

Other Credits

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