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October 2023

I Walk With Ghosts

I Walk With Ghosts



Grant Clover, Michael Metzler Jr.
Grant Clover


Grant Clover, Michael Metzler Jr.

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In this short poetic film, a man follows ghosts, witnessing the subtle beauty of their journeys and their desires. Through his wanderings with them, he comes to realize what they're looking for in their brief, inexplicable lives -- as the physical and supernatural worlds collide.

Submitter Statement

With practically no budget, no film crew, no fancy lights, and no expensive cameras, it wouldn't be too far off to say that we made I Walk With Ghosts with our own bare hands. It's a film about simplicity, and we used minimalism to our advantage. The film speaks to everyday human experiences through the medium of ghosts; they are creatures of longing and loneliness. Through the journey that The Man sets off on, he discovers a very simple beauty in the ephemeral lives of these ghosts. They long for the same thing that humans do, except they are even more unseen, more invisible to the human eye. But The Man sees them. He realizes their plight, observes it carefully, and comes to the epiphany that... they want to be known. As we all do. This film tells a universally relatable tale of wanting to be known, wanting your story to be told, to be felt, to be watched. So, that's what we did. We told the story.

 Grant Clover: 

Michael Metzler Jr.:

Grant and Michael are aspiring filmmakers located in San Diego. They watch way too many movies and find way too much beauty in everyday things. Storytelling is a central part of both of their lives, and they find it difficult to remain bound to the restrictions of reality as their imaginations are quite unruly. Michael is an award-winning filmmaker and the director of six short films. Grant is an award-winning writer and the author of two books and hundreds of poems. They have both been making films since they were wee little lads.

Key Cast

Jimmy Thornton, Ava Mae Seidensticker

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