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Award Winner

Festival Season:

October 2023

Dancing With My Mother

Dancing With My Mother



Richard de Carvalho
Erik Magnusson


Carol Jovicic, Sheree da Costa

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Awarded Category(s)

Amidst the unbearable loss of her son, a grieving mother rediscovers the healing power of dance and reconnects with his memory in a way she never thought possible.

Submitter Statement

As a director, it was an immense privilege to work on a project that is so deeply personal and emotional. I had admired Sheree da Costa over the years for not only her talent as an actor but as an accomplished dancer. We had always hoped the right project would present itself in which to collaborate. 

Unfortunately the project we were destined to collaborate on came on the heels of a deeply personal and heartbreaking experience for Sheree, having lost her son Joey to suicide in 2020. As an advocate for mental health this immediately struck a chord. Following a string of lockdowns in 2021 Sheree presented to Producer Carol Jovicic, and myself a beautiful, highly emotional dance choreography. I was immediately struck by the sheer power of her experience and the way that she had turned her unbearable loss into a journey of healing and self-discovery. 

The film follows the story of a grieving mother who has lost her son and is struggling to come to terms with the void that he has left behind. Through her journey, we see how dance becomes a catalyst for her healing, as she rediscovers a connection with her son's memory that she never thought was possible. 

Working with Sheree was an incredible experience, and I was constantly amazed by her strength and resilience in the face of such a devastating loss. She brought a level of authenticity and emotional depth to the project that was truly inspiring, and I am grateful for the trust that she placed in myself and our team at Lunacraft Productions. 

Throughout the production process, our goal was to create a film that not only tells Sheree's story but also celebrates the healing power of dance and the resilience of the human spirit. 

I never met Joey in life but in researching for the film his immense talent for writing, as an actor and composer was apparent. His featured song ‘Before’ was the perfect bridge for Sheree’s ethereal journey and it brought us all great joy to bring this highly talented family together one more time in Dancing with My Mother. 

We hope that audiences will be moved by the story and will leave the cinema with a renewed appreciation for the power of love and the importance of cherishing the memories of those we have lost.

Richard de Carvalho is a multi-talented filmmaker and designer in the world of independent film and creative content production. As the co-founder of Lunacraft Productions, Richard has been instrumental in creating a range of award-winning short films that have captivated audiences around the world. 

With a background in film and design, Richard brings a unique visual style to his work, infusing each project with a sense of creativity and innovation. His passion for storytelling and visual communication has led him to explore a wide range of mediums, from live-action to animation, and from short films to branded content. 

With his unique blend of technical skills and creative vision, Richard is a true innovator in the world of film. He continues to push creative boundaries and inspire new generations of artists, always looking for new ways to tell compelling stories and create engaging content.

Key Cast

Sheree da Costa, Lex Marinos

Other Credits

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