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Award Winner

Festival Season:

September 2023




Eliana Fernández, Sofia Victoria Caponnetto


Eliana Fernández, Sofia Victoria Caponnetto


Eliana Fernández, Sofia Victoria Caponnetto

Awarded for the following Category(s):

Awarded Category(s)

There came a time in Abril's life when imagination and fantasy stopped protecting her from the reality in which she lived. Until one day she discovered a new form of escape that would change her life forever.

Submitter Statement

Eliana Fernández and Sofia Caponnetto are two animation and video game design students at ORT University Uruguay. As an assignment for a course they formed this team, motivated by their fascination for stop motion animation and all the interdisciplinary work it involves: Modeling, sewing, building, acting, photographing, lighting, etc. Sofía recently started working in the video game industry and her idea is to continue developing that path. Eliana has a fine arts background and has recently started working in animation. She would like to specialize in stop-motion animation from now on.

Key Cast

Other Credits

Realization: Eliana Fernandez, Sofia Victoria Caponnetto

Music: Rodrigo Espinosa Curbelo

Sound Design: Gonzalo Abal

Sound Mix: Juan Manuel Puñales

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