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Award Winner

Festival Season:

September 2023

Angel Fleet

Angel Fleet



Tristan Loraine
Tristan Loraine, Cashmira Pramanik


Tristan Loraine

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Awarded Category(s)

Following the loss of their father in a gliding accident, daughters Molly (Darcy Jacobs), Romina (Millie Lewis) and their mum (Jessica Hilliard) struggle in different ways to come to terms with the tragedy.

Submitter Statement

As a former airline pilot who has lost and known many aviators, I wanted to make a film that pays homage to all these lost aircrew, especially those who lost their lives in combat. Crews that have now joined 'Angel Fleet' - This is how this short came about and I am very grateful to everyone who helped make this short film possible, especially my airline Captain Executive Producer, Captain Herb Jackson Jr
Tristan, a former British Airways Captain set up his production banner Fact Not Fiction Films in 2006 after retraining at the National Film and Television School (NFTS) and with Raindance. He has produced/directed over 30 films and documentaries since his first film in 2007. 'Shady Lady’ (2012), the inspiring story of crew ‘eight’, the shorts 'Missing a Note' (2018) and 'Finding Wilson' (2021) and the the investigative documentaries 'Everybody Flies' (2020) and 'American 965' (2021) were all released theatrically and long list contenders at the Academy Awards. ‘A Dark Reflection’ (2015) was Britain’s biggest co-operative film to date and shot on 35mm. His short 'Ellston Bay' was shot in VistaVision format and premiered at the London BFI Max.

Key Cast

Darcy Jacobs, Millie Lewis

Other Credits

Executive Producers: Herb Jackson Jr, Adrian G. Pop 

Cinematographer: Anya Krasnikova

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