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Festival Season:

September 2023

The Brave Locomotive

The Brave Locomotive



Andrew Pierce Chesworth
Andrew Pierce Chesworth


Andrew Pierce Chesworth

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Awarded Category(s)

An Old West musical tale with 1940s flair about a mighty little train facing harrowing disaster.

Submitter Statement

This film is my love letter to 1940s animation and the musical stylings of the Andrews Sisters. I conceived it in 2008 as a tribute to that era of Disney Animation, hoping to work there someday. They hired me in 2011 when the project was still in progress. I shelved it for many years to focus on my feature animation career, and revived it in 2020 as a pandemic passion project through Patreon! Now here we are, and the end result benefited from the crew's rich career experiences.
Andrew Chesworth is an Oscar-nominated filmmaker living in Burbank, CA. He co-wrote and co-directed the animated short film 'One Small Step' at Taiko Studios. Prior to that, he was an animator at Disney on such films as 'Frozen', 'Big Hero 6', 'Zootopia', and more. Andrew is also an experienced character designer and director of animated commercials.

Key Cast

Morgana Hasil, Kari Shaw Akers, Andra Suchy, Drew Jansen, Suzie Juul, Abilene Olson, Dan Kase

Other Credits

Composer: Tom Hambleton
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