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August 2023

Life Like This

Life Like This



Abraham Lopez
Abraham Lopez


Abraham Lopez

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Life Like This tells the story of three teenage girls who are stuck living in abusive homes and are willing to do whatever it takes to escape their miserable living situations and flee their small town in hopes of finding a better life, whatever the cost may be.

Submitter Statement

I was motivated to write Life Like This because many people in middle America experience mental, physical, financial, and domestic abuse every day. They are often overlooked by the media due to other political issues that take the spotlight. While everyone is focusing on other things this is a very real thing that is going on and people are being pushed every day to do things they wouldn't expect themselves to do out of desperation. I want to bring awareness to this issue and show the lengths these people would go to in order to escape their situations. Hopefully with this awareness more support will be given to these people!
Abraham Lopez is a Latin director, writer, producer, and cinematographer born and raised in Southern California. He is passionate about telling relatable stories based off of real life situations, people, and events through the art of film making. Abraham has completed many short films, music videos, commercials, and PSAs over the years and he recently completed a 10 episode coming of age drama series.

Key Cast

Natalie Moore, Kenzie Phillips, Alaina Love, Spencer James, Nevada Grey, Ray Cecire

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