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August 2023





Abraham Lopez
Abraham Lopez


Abraham Lopez, Manny Elhilu

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Awarded Category(s)

A young and eager detective is dedicated to solving a case that has been left open for over a decade. He quickly finds out that solving the case will be more dangerous than he expected.

Submitter Statement

Under is a powerful story that I wrote based on stories I've heard of corruption that I wanted to share with people.
Abraham Lopez is an award winning director, writer, and producer who has worked on various professional projects from short films, to music videos, to a PSA collaboration with Mathew Knowles (Music World Entertainment) and Eleanor Earl (E.L. Earl Entertainment). Abraham Lopez, being of Spanish race, is native to the San Fernando Valley, and was raised in Santa Clarita. He has always been a go-getter and team player since childhood. He played football and graduated from Hart High School located in Newhall. He is also a college graduate with a BA from Colombia College Hollywood. Abraham Lopez has written, directed, and produced many award winning short films including The Betrayal, Life Like This, ED: A Love Story, Hidden Lives, Love Ways, and A Knock. He is best known for his captivating storytelling and thorough character development in his scripts. Abraham Lopez is the owner of the film production company A Greek God Entertainment and the creator, writer, and director of the coming-of-age series Pathways.

Key Cast

Azeem Vecchio, Caitlyn Fox, Francisco DeCun, Yana Roykhman, Bejmain Watt

Other Credits

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