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August 2023

ED: A Love Story

ED: A Love Story



Abraham Lopez
Abraham Lopez


Abraham Lopez

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Ed is a socially awkward teenager on a quest to find true love, but the girl of his dreams might be closer than he thinks. Who could it be? It's up to Ed to find out with the help of his best friend.

Submitter Statement

I made Ed from the love of 80's coming of age films that really impacted my life and wanted to share it with everyone else!
Abraham Lopez is a Latin director, writer, producer, and cinematographer born and raised in Southern California. He is passionate about telling relatable stories based off of real life situations, people, and events through the art of film making. Abraham has completed many short films, music videos, commercials, and PSAs over the years and he recently completed a 10 episode coming of age drama series.

Key Cast

Tristan Maust, Manny Elhilu, Caitlyn Fox, Marissa Gill, Riley Davis, Andrew Park, Deborah Shirley

Other Credits

Cinematographer: Abraham Lopez
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