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August 2023

Hidden Lives

Hidden Lives



Abraham Lopez
Abraham Lopez


Abraham Lopez

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When Hannah moves in with her new friend Samantha, she quickly realizes that her roommate isn't as sweet and nice as she seems. Samantha is controlling, jealous, and potentially just flat out crazy. As things escalate, Hannah and her friends find themselves in dangerous and scary situations as a result of the new living situation.

Submitter Statement

This film is nostalgic to me because I wrote this script 5 years ago in a time I really liked horror movies and thrillers. I added elements from classic movies I liked and I hope the audience and judges enjoy!
Born and raised in Los Angeles California, Abraham has always been around business his entire life. His mother was an owner and founder of a non- profit organization, father in the banking business, and his god mother a producer in the entertainment industry. Since he was a child he wanted to become an actor and later in his life he had a change of interest but still pertaining to the entertainment industry he wanted to follow in the footsteps of his god mother and become a producer. After graduating high school, Abraham studied and attended Columbia College Hollywood to get his BA in Cinema/Television. After college Abraham then founded and is owner of A Greek God Entertainment LLC. He has worked on major TV series and produced some musical artists.

Key Cast

Deborah Shirley, Natalie Moore, Manny Elhilu, Kevin Lam, Sara Davis, Lexie Puro

Other Credits

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