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Award Winner

Festival Season:

August 2023

Colliding Magnets

Colliding Magnets




Run Time:

Camille Holm Holm Koefoed
Camille Holm Koefoed
Camille Holm Koefoed

Awarded for the following Category(s):

Awarded Category(s)

Malina is a 22-year-old passionate woman, full of life and hope. She tends to control everything in her life and plan every step. She shows up at her ex-boyfriend, Derek’s, doorstep a year after their breakup, unsure whether to begin her new life with her boyfriend Paul or stay here with the one person whom she has loved more than anyone. All her feelings flood back when Derek opens the door. He hides his excitement to see her and lets her in.

Without a word, they reminisce, talking about what they were and what they could have been. They get into an argument about why they didn’t work, which leads them to realize they still have feelings for each other. Passion consumes them, resulting in make-up sex. The next morning, they lie in bed together and Malina wakes up and admires him sleeping, and leaves the room. A few moments later Derek notices she is gone and runs out of the room to catch up to her. When he opens the door Malina is standing outside as if about to try open the door to get back in. They confess that they never want to be parted ever again and are prepared for the ups and downs to come. They embrace each other and kiss, implying that not every couple is perfect, but falling in love has nothing to do with perfection.

Submitter Statement

Key Cast

Camille Holm Koefoed, Christian Giaconia

Other Credits

Director Of Photography : Luke De Borde

Assistant Director: Alex O'Neil

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