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Festival Season:

August 2023





Courtney Chapman
Courtney Chapman


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Awarded Category(s)

A pigeon gets wrapped up in the world of noir when he enters a secret jazz club hidden within the city’s storm drain

Submitter Statement

Pigeonholed is a product of my love of jazz and my love of silly little birds. I wanted to inject that classic noir feeling into the teeny tiny world of birds! And stop motion!
Courtney Chapman is an MFA Animation student at UCLA. She specializes in stop motion animation featuring a wide breadth of characters and sets.

Key Cast

Erick Sosa, Virginia Trent

Other Credits

Score: Liam Wallace; Sound: Erick Sosa; Poster Design: Paige Dehlinger; Beading Design: Madelyn Sullivan; Band: Steve Murillo, Zane St. Andre Jackson, Samuel Kredich, Brendan Kersey-Wilson, Caden Potter, Matthew Wilson, Liam Wallace; Sound Engineers: Erick Sosa, Bryan Vazquez, Geonu Park, Katrina Weissman, Samuel Hoffman, Sam Kredich; BTS photographer: Samantha Umbay
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