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July 2023

Rhythm of the Donkey

Rhythm of the Donkey



Caitlin Long
Caitlin Long


Tom Garner

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Rhythm of the Donkey (2022) by Caitlin Long introduces Casimiro Rodriguéz, high-profile Madrid banker turned humble donkey farmer. This documentary short invites an examination of our choices around personal happiness, life fulfillment, and whether we are truly the masters of our own time. This is her debut film.

Submitter Statement

It is my privilege to present to you my first independent film. As director, writer, cinematographer, editor, and sound designer, it is my first take at creating a film and entering this industry. From being thrown from the back of a donkey, to failed equipment (a likely consequence), this project is nothing short of literal blood, sweat, and tears. Please enjoy!

With backgrounds in Marine Biology, wine, sales and marketing, and photography, Caitlin Long has recently discovered a passion for documentary filmmaking. With home bases in Napa Valley, Barcelona, and Bologna, she finds that regardless of location, connecting people with stories is how she feels most at home.

Key Cast

Casimiro Rodríguez

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