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July 2023





Gino Terrell
Gino Terrell


Gino Terrell

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JaMarcus Atkins (Gino Terrell) doesn't get the job. His team didn't cover the spread. A mystery man (Mario Terrell II) is now on his trail. JaMarcus is on the brink of causing self-harm and calls the suicide hotline. Can Suicide Hotline specialist Taraji (LaKesshia Slaughter) help JaMarcus regather himself before it’s too late?

Submitter Statement

This short film "Hotline" is a powerful film that addresses a number of contemporary themes such as mental health, gambling and systemic oppression. This film is packed with a great cast ensemble. This isn't just a dark film, it's filled with a thriller element that viewers will pick up on from the opening sequence. Sit back and enjoy Telly 26's best short film yet in "Hotline," where you'll discover the answer to the film's tagline, "Can three digits save a life?"

Gino Terrell is a national award-winning journalist turned filmmaker. He's also the founder of Telly 26 (formerly known as Dangerous Pictures). He made his directorial debut in 2020 with the short film "Club City," which gone on to have a successful film festival circuit. His most recent short film "Hotline" is one he directed, written, executive produced, film edited, and is cast as the protagonist. The film won Best Visual FX at the Touchstone Independent Film Festival. Additional director credits include Telly 26 short films “Busted! He Thought She’d Never Find Out” and “Day 2 … Consistency.”

Key Cast

Gino Terrell

Other Credits

Mario Terrell II (Christopher) LaKesshia Slaughter (Taraji) Deo Clarisse Bashala (Bama) [first shown at 10:32 mark]
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