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Award Winner

Festival Season:

July 2023





Matthew Luppino
Matthew Luppino, Laura Luppino


Matthew Luppino, Laura Luppino

Run Time:


Awarded for the following Category(s):

Awarded Category(s)

Life is a balance of holding on and letting go. As Matthew Luppino reflects on his past, he finds closure in the small fragments of his life. Based On Real Events.

Submitter Statement

Matthew Luppino is an Award-Winning Independent Writer, Director, Producer, Editor, Cinematographer and President of "Luppo Studios Productions Inc." He is known for his award-winning short films "H.O.P.E. (Hold. On. Pain. Ends.), "Love Drunk," and "The Blink Of An Eye. He specializes in the Drama and Romance genres, but also likes to dabble into many projects including songwriting, rapping, poetry, and writing novels.

Key Cast

Matthew Luppino, Laura Luppino

Other Credits

Cinematography: Matthew Luppino

Editor: Matthew Luppino

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