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July 2023

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Andre Rodney Segundo Tila
Andre Rodney Segundo Tila


Andre Rodney Segundo Tila

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A short documentary film featuring a Filipino mom and focuses on the significance of mothers whether Filipino or non-Filipino.

Submitter Statement

Making films or capturing moments and turning them into a work of art never fails to captivate my mind. This is something I've been holding unto for quite sometime.

Andre Rodney S. Tila is currently a student and self-taught film maker in the Philippines. His love for watching and creating short films grew as he became more exposed to movies and short film projects at his school. This exposure influenced him to create his very first documentary. The low budget short film was entitled "Gambuzilla", now out on youtube-Rodshow and is regarding the spread of an invasive mosquito-eating fish in the Philippines. But despite of the said success in his first ever film, he maintains awareness over the fact that there is still much to learn.

Key Cast

Honey Segundo Tila

Other Credits

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