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Officially Selected for the Festival Season 

April 2024




Lika Berning


Vlokkie Gordon


Helene Tuter

Selected for the following category(s)

Best Comedy Feature, Best Original Score

When acclaimed actress Adele Swan (Illse Roos) discovers that her young lover has squandered all her savings and is sleeping with a millennial, she knows it’s showtime! Adele has no choice but to put on the performance of a lifetime to make everyone believe she is still worth it. A trusted patron, George, gives her a chance to recover her debts if she will agree to be the face of his campaign. A competition on a luxury cruise to sell the exclusive units of the Silvertree Retirement Estate.


It is a significant blow to Adele’s ego who must partake in the Survivor for Seniors competition aboard the cruise-ship. Surprisingly she is teamed up with an old school friend, Winnifred, who opens the door to Adele’s past.

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