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Award Winner

Festival Season:

April 2024

Code of illusion

Code of illusion



Ard Kelmendi
Ard Kelmendi


Ard Kelmendi

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Awarded Category(s)

The topics of this project are cyber security, social media, Generative AI, incorporation of AI into creative workflow. Society becoming more immersed in the digital world, it’s important to be aware of the digital exposure with respects to posting on social media. A post by artists, influencers, or event attendees could reveal how to access restricted areas. This documentary, created with generative AI, aims to inform the public not to share sensitive information on social media, which can lead to social impersonation.


Submitter Statement

A computer scientist who decided to make a short documetary about social media and impersonation, cyber security in synergy with generative AI tools.

Key Cast

Ard Kelmendi, Kim Chi Nguyen

Other Credits

Music: Fatig Meydanci, Basel Samy Elshanawy
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