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April 2024

LEGENDS of Baltimore

LEGENDS of Baltimore



Leonard Andre Scovens
Leonard Andre Scovens


Leonard Andre Scovens, Steven Royal, Daniel Rogers, Williams Carey

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This documentary is about the bands, singers, and musicians from Baltimore, MD from the late 60s to the early 70s who went on to play with some of the greatest acts in the music industry.


Submitter Statement

This documentary is years in the making. A collaborative effort with the men and women involved in the film. We are telling a story that needs to be heard about the struggles of being from Baltimore and being in the music business at a time when the world was changing. With so may diverse stories to tell, this is just a tiny portion of them. There are three more episodes besides this one and there can be so many more. Shot on location in the homes of some musicians and at the GLA Sound Stage in Rosedale, Maryland. This is a true divulge into the live music scene in Baltimore, Maryland.
Leonard A. Scovens has produced documentaries, television shows, and radio shows since 2006. He produced documentaries about youth and HIV and senior citizens and HIV. He has produce television shows and radio shows in the Baltimore, Maryland area. His passion is to create entertaining and informative films and content.

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