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March 2024






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Marcus Veras de Faria

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Awarded Category(s)

An essay on the beauties of the planet; a moment to breathe amidst the hustle and bustle of everyday life; the soft music guiding our spirits to the utopia of Eden.

Not Available

Submitter Statement

He won the Guimarães Rosa Literature Award in 1986 with his volume of stories “A Cidade Arde” (The City Burns), from Editora Mileto. He has published three novels: “Só Para Homens” (For Men Only), from Editora Coringa, 2013; “Qualquer Maneira de Amar” (Any Way to Love), from Editora Ponteio, 2014; and “Os Últimos Dias em Preto e Branco” (The Last Days in Black and White), by Editora Ponteio, 2018. 

He has been published in many of Rio de Janeiro’s mainstream journalistic publications (Bloch Editores, Jornal do Brasil, TV Globo, TV Manchete, TVE), in addition to being published in alternative publications (Rádice, Flagrante, Correio da Manha). 

In film, he wrote and directed the short films “Las Minas de Potosí” (The Mines of Potosí), which won honorable mention for screenwriting and editing at the Girona Film Festival in Spain in 2002; “Ciranda do Mar” (Enigma of the Sea) which was shown at the São Sebastian Ecological Film Festival (ECocine III) in 2003; “A Lira Feminina” (The Feminine Lyre), about six Brazilian musicians, shown at the Jornada Internacional de Cinema da Bahia in 2003 and at the Havana Film Festival in 2004. He directed and edited (with Elias Fajardo) the short film about flautist “Odete Ernst Dias: de Paris a Ibitipoca” (Odete Ernst Dias: from Paris to Ibitipoca) in 2005. 

Recent Awards 

The Flying Granddaughter – Honorable Mention at Odyssey Script and Film Festival and French International Modern Film and Script. 

Mr. K’s Barber Shop (script), Award Winner at the Odyssey Script and Film Festival; Quater finalist at Boston Horror Comedy Film Festival 

The Path of Light, Award Winner for Best photography at Black & White Film Festival. 

Ocean Ladies, Best Brazilian Short Film, Folkestone Film Festival

Key Cast

Other Credits

soundtrack: Monique Aragão
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