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Award Winner

Festival Season:

February 2024

December Horses

December Horses



Ashley Hays Wright
Ashley Hays Wright


David Owen Wright

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A young female artist who is struggling with her failing vision gets her Christmas wish. "A Horse". With hopes that the new companion will help her daughter on her road to becoming blind, the mother rescues a blind belgian draft horse from the slaughter lot. With no experience with blind horses they will need the help of a trainer. He will not only teach the girl how to take care of her new horse, but how to move forward in life with a disability. He will give her more than advice and sound teaching, he will also give her another belgian draft horse. With the love and encouragement from her mother, the guidance from the trainer, and the special bond between her and her beautfiul horses she can persevere and not give up as her world turns from darkness to light this Christmas.

Submitter Statement

Ashley Hays Wright, a wife, and a mother of three daughters. Through many trials & tribulations in life, she has found a way to share her vision, and express her deepest emotions through film. Always labeled a dreamer, she has the mission of providing safe, clean films of all genres that families can watch together.

Key Cast

Gary D Clark, Cadence Wright, Ashley Hays Wright, David Owen Wright

Other Credits

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