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Festival Season:

February 2024

Red-end and the Factory Plant

Red-end and the Factory Plant




Run Time:

Robin Noorda, Bethany de Forest
Robin Noorda
Erik Schut

Awarded for the following Category(s):

Awarded Category(s)

Red-end and the Factory Plant is the 2nd stop motion animation film in the 'Arthropod tales' series. The story is inspired by the method to feed gooses in order to produce 'foie gras'. In our film carnivorous and loudly burping pitcher plants are being stuffed at a plantation. Next they are harvested and processed at a factory plant into cans of spam. Our hero Red-end jeopardises it all in his attempt to save his friend who got stuck in one of the pitcher plants. It is a steam punk magical realistic film of 15' dazzling motion control camera movements in stunning sets and amazingly animated arthropods.

Submitter Statement

There are twelve references of iconographic and famous scenes in the film. If you find them all you can win the filmposter by contacting us. ​Realised in 4K digital cinema. Production Rocketta Film, Coproduction Beast Animation (BE). Premiered at the Netherlands Film Festival 2015 (shortlisted for a 'Gouden Kalf') and a.o. selected for Clermont Ferrand Short Film Festival 2016 (nomination), Mecal 2016, HAFF 2016, FIFE 2016, MIAF 2016, Cartoons on the Bay 2016, Curta Brasilia 2018, New Chitose 2018. In 2016 it won an award at the NCAIAF animation festival in Sapporo, Japan and an Honourable Mention for the Devour! Golden Tine Award for Best Animation in Canada. A film by Robin Noorda and Bethany de Forest. Music Phantom Frank.
Robin Noorda studied animation, graphic design and photography at the Gerrit Rietveld Academy and the Rijks Academy both in Amsterdam. In the early eighties he started as designer and animator for the Dutch public broadcasting organisation and pioneering computer animator at the first CGI studio in the Netherlands. In that period he also co-founded the art movement Tropism Art & Science Collective and his design company Morphosis. Nowadays he is an independent filmmaker and animator. As an artist he is also active in experimental photography and interactive light installations.

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