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September 2023

Limitlessness in the Aquasphere (60min Feature)

Limitlessness in the Aquasphere (60min Feature)



Oshim Somers


Oshim Somers

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My name is Oshim Somers. I am 61 years old and have always wanted to make a movie, so I did. Limitlessness in the Aquasphere is my journey of discovery through mindfulness and diving after being confronted by the reality I have Parkinson's Disease. 

I explore the amazing wonders and beings in the ocean to find my limitless place and reflect on how mindfulness has helped me embrace my disease and how living in the now, going in the flow of life helped me reach an amazing place in my life.. 

Exploring my thoughts that, while having Parkinson's disease could be a limiting factor in my life, it should not be and stop me living a full life. I used this journey to learn to embrace my disease by being mindful and living in the now, to live my limitless, full and best life. 

At the end of the journey, I have the realisation that in fact there was more than limitlessness to embrace to complete the circle that enables me to live my mindful and best life. 

The movie Limitlessness in the Aquasphere has 2 parts. Part 1 - Majestic Mantas, which is my exploration is of mindfulness and limitlessness in my life. In Part 2 - Caves, Sharks and the Realisation, I have a realisation of more things that close circle for me. 

The movie has been produced as a feature that has 2 parts. In addition it has been produced as 2 stand alone short films, which are Limitlessness in the Aquasphere Part 1 - Majestic Mantas and Limitlessness in the Aquasphere Part 2 - Caves, Sharks and the Realisation. 

There was no budget or script for this movie. The script was life and the synchronicity and flow of the universe and it enabling and unfolding the making of this movie. The dive masters who supported me and guided me safely invarious dive locations, together with the dive boat crews became my film crew. That together with the meeting of local Australian Artist Adam Geoffrey Cole in an Uber, while he was driving me to an event, are may examples of this synchronicity and flow. I have done all of the editing. In all the movie is authentic and raw, inspirational and adventurous.

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