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September 2023

Loki and Me

Loki and Me



Craig Andrew Wyhoon
Craig Andrew Wyhoon


Craig Andrew Wyhoon

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Awarded Category(s)

Loki and Me is set in 1893 on the Murray River town of Echuca. It is based on a lone horseman who has set out, through his own personal experience, to find and set free children and young adults who struggle to live in a society that has not yet accepted those living with a disability. Disability was not even a word. 

The horseman has established a farm retreat for those looking to be accepted and loved and along the way, meets up with Harriet and Loki in the middle of the Victorian bush. Loki is blind and Harriet has behavioural issues and has been forced away from their own community. They hear about this retreat and unbeknown to them, the Horseman that they meet and guides them is the one that will set them free. It is only until the end after they find this beautiful place, that he returns and they realise that it was his purpose to find Loki and Harriet and bring them home.

Submitter Statement

Craig was raised in a small farming community in South Gippsland, Victoria (Australia) where he spent most of his childhood surrounded by horses, cattle, animals, the bush and general farm life. At 17, after a reading of 'MacBeth' at High School, his English teacher encouraged him to pursue a theatrical group. He joined a local theatre group and presented in numerous productions including 'Guys and Dolls' and 'Grease'. He fell in love with drama and acting and although a very shy and reserved person, he set himself a goal to pursue this as a career. Craig applied to N.I.D.A (National Institute of Dramatic Arts) in 1988 and although he was lucky to be accepted, he declined the offer due to the pressure he faced on a daily basis. Craig had Epilepsy. And he felt compelled to stay at home to assist his parents on the farm and be close by 'in case' he needed medical attention. A regretful decision he lived for most of his life. 

Craig moved to Melbourne for work and whilst there, went to The Academy of Televison (has since gone) where he studied acting and movement. This gained him confidence as a person and he pursued with gaining an agent over the coming years. Craig mostly started appearing in commercials and then onto drama and series as an extra and advanced extra such as 'Blue Heelers', 'Law of The Land', 'CITI Homicide' and appeared in drama series such as 'Kangaroo Palace' and Jackie Chan's 'Nice Guys' and many more. It was this experience that gave Craig the passion for Photography, Film and the Arts. Craig ended up being a successful Business and Project Manager for himself and multiple landscape construction companies in Australia and overseas, however it was his love for film and acting combined with his experience in management, that helped him realize his true passion and desire. His other true passion was to help bring awareness of the abilities to those people living with a disability and showcase their true talents and abilities and that they too have an opportunity to excel in the Film and Entertainment industry just like able people. And it is with this film, Loki and Me, that is the start of this amazing journey.

Key Cast

Skye Hope, Daniel Holman, Laurelin Berick, Craig Wyhoon

Other Credits

Director of Photography: David Chan; Costume Designer: Cara Haley
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