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Award Winner

Festival Season:

August 2023

Her Coloured Cage

Her Coloured Cage



Benjamin Ivan Nimac
Benjamin Ivan Nimac


Benjamin Ivan Nimac, Madeline Olivia Waldhoff

Run Time:


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Awarded Category(s)

Anxiously studying the works of Poe and Gillman, horrific poetry blends into reality, as Laura suspects that her abusive ex-boyfriend has broken into her new flat.

Submitter Statement

I hope you appreciate Her Coloured Cage, we put 3 meticulous years of work into it haha Narratively and thematically it's about coping with and accepting your trauma. Even if you didn't get that it's okay to just enjoy the pretty colours and Gothic poetry, that's a big part of it as well :)
Benjamin Nimac is an independent filmmaker, the leading director of Pastry Productions. He worked as the screenwriter, director, and executive producer of his shorts. He has received recognition for works done in a variety of genres namely, psychological horror, deadpan comedy, and family drama. Benjamin got an early start to independent filmmaking, having first received "best short" nominations at international festivals when 16 years old for "No Place Like Home".

Key Cast

Cirilla Zorenč

Other Credits

Editor: Lorenzo Silvestri

Cinematographer: Nicolas Flood

Music: Dan David Higgins

Sound designers: Dan David Higgins, Lorenzo Silvestri

Sound Recordist: Armand Daniaud

Hair and Makeup Designer: Jenny Silva

Costume Designer: Benjamin Nimac

Caterer: Madeline Waldhoff

Clapper Loader: Ioana Bogdan

Story by: Benjamin Nimac, Madeline Waldhoff

Voice actor: Sean Munro

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